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Bright and beautiful smiles reflect good health and energy. They are confidence boosters and never fail to create a good first impression. When teeth are dull, the smile is uninteresting and looks unhealthy. The person may look older than his/her actual age. Tooth whitening is purely a cosmetic procedure which is performed to remove stains and for you to have a brighter smile. The procedure involves removal of dark pigments from the porous enamel layer of the teeth which is known to cause discoloration. The teeth are bleached during the course to look brighter and more attractive. If you are unhappy about the color of your teeth, make an appointment and meet our dentist. Our teeth whitening in Hazlet, NJ can help you quickly transform your smile.

Causes for teeth discoloration

The natural color of your teeth differs from one person to another. The color can be broadly classified into four categories, which are reddish brown, reddish yellow, gray and reddish gray. The teeth tend to look dull because of staining and other intrinsic factors. Poor oral hygiene, consumption of tea, coffee, cola and wine and smoking are contributing factors to teeth discoloration. What actually happens, when we consume dark colored liquids or food items? The porous enamel layer gets filled with pigments that mask the actual color of the teeth. Through teeth whitening, these stains can be cleared and the teeth brightened.

  • Poor oral hygiene ranks at number one on the list of causes for dark teeth. Plaque is a biofilm of bacteria which can accumulate on the teeth surface. The bacteria in plaque are capable of causing decay and also masking the actual color of your teeth. In addition to brushing and flossing habits, periodic professional dental cleanings are necessary to clear plaque from time to time which can improve the oral health and the brightness of the teeth.
  • Staining may occur from excess consumption of dark-colored fluids and sweets such as coffee, cola and wine.
  • Smoking is known to darken the teeth.
  • Certain antibiotics such as tetracycline and some medicines prescribed for treating blood pressure are known to cause teeth discoloration.

Antibiotics such as tetracycline are also known to cause intrinsic discoloration in some patients. Our dentist performs a thorough oral examination first to check the possible cause of the discoloration and take the necessary steps to treat the issue.

Teeth whitening treatment

Tooth whitening is a quick and effective cosmetic dentistry treatment procedure. The consultation will involve a thorough oral checkup before the whitening procedure is started. Problems such as tooth decay and gum infection may have to be treated before whitening process. Once the dentist confirms that the teeth are healthy to undergo whitening, pictures of teeth are taken and the color is checked using a shade scale. The dentist may remove the plaque layer before starting the whitening procedure.

The first step in the whitening process is to apply a protective gel over soft gum tissues. This is done in order to protect the soft tissues from strong whitening agents. A whitening agent such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide is carefully applied over teeth’s surface. These agents enter the porous enamel layer and react with the pigments to undergo oxidation. This process clears the stains. A special light is shined over the teeth to accelerate the reaction. The treatment may take about one hour. Patients can quickly see the results after the treatment. Once the whitening process is complete, our team spends time explaining to patients on how to take care of the teeth to ensure that the brightness lasts longer.

Are you unhappy with your dull teeth? Make an appointment and meet our dentist to seek a teeth whitening consultation at our All Smiles Dental Care office in Hazlet, NJ. Let us put a smile back on your face.

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